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Importance of Regular Septic System Inspection And Maintenance

Full-Service Septic System Repair Company In Elk River, MNWhen the season of snow, ice, and cold begins to shift, as it always does, to the season of renewal and growth, it may be easier to see signs that your septic system is in need of maintenance and/or repair. If you have a septic system and live in or around Rogers, Minnesota, the team at Custom Septic, Inc., is here to serve you.

The promise of a few months’ break from extreme winter weather allows us to focus on warm weather activities, such as mowing the lawn, gardening, and playing catch in the backyard.

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Pew! My Sink Drains Smell Awful!

Pew! My Sink Drains Smell Awful!A residential septic system that is properly maintained should not smell. A bad smell inside or near your home is not a sign of good health. Smelly septic systems are caused by the presence of gasses, such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. These gases have pH levels that are too acidic to allow the microorganisms to digest organic matter in the tank, which causes the tank odor. These odors are not only unpleasant, but high concentrations of a mixture of these gasses may be explosive or toxic. Septic tank odors can be easily remedied with a few household products.

How to clean the overflowing sink: Check the overflow hole if your bathroom sink smells. This hole can be found either directly beneath the faucet or underneath it.

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Springtime Maintenance Tips For Your Septic System

Springtime Maintenance Tips For Your Septic SystemSpring is a time for renewal, and your septic tank should be included in that process. To ensure its optimal performance in springtime, regular maintenance of your system is necessary. Septic problems often arise due to weather changes from winter to springtime – humid ground can become dampened causing the water table to rise, leading to flooding issues as well as other issues within the system. Custom Septic can assist you! Additionally, we provide spring maintenance recommendations for septic systems to avoid problems from occurring in the first place.

Your filters need changing: Spring cleaning has already started, so why not renew your tank’s filter? Your filter can get clogged from spring weather or winter storms

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Should Supplemental Ingredients Be Added To My Septic System?

Should Supplemental Ingredients Be Added To My Septic SystemMarketers, flashy graphics, and commercials can mislead you into believing certain products are necessary – even septic additives. RID-X claims its product will extend the life of your tank by helping ensure regular maintenance, inspection, and cleaning will keep your septic tank functioning optimally for years to come. But what exactly are these products, and do they work? Is spending money on them a waste? To find out the truth behind this claim we’ll examine some of the finer details behind this claim.

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Septic System Inspection Prior To Buying A Home In Big Lake Area

Septic System Inspection Prior To Buying A Home In Big Lake AreaMany recommend that a septic system inspection be done before you sell a property with onsite wastewater treatment. Although it is not required by law to do so, experienced property owners and realtors will strongly recommend that you do so. Custom Septic provides affordable septic system inspections in Big Lake and surrounding Minnesota cities. Our septic inspections provide insight into the life expectancy of your septic system, identify any red flags, and ensure that it is safe working.

It’s a good idea for the seller to talk about everything, regardless of whether they are the agent or the previous owner. However, even if they do know everything, they won’t be able to divulge it all. They might not know of any problems with the drainpipe

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